About Us


Balkan-IX is a neutral, independent Internet Exchange enterprise and promotes and advocates open peering policy commercial. Our company has an established infrastructure designed to transfer and exchange local Internet traffic in Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkans countries. This enables each customer connected with 1GE, 10GE or aggregated ports to exchange IP traffic with any other participant by mutual agreement and understanding or by using public route-server (RS). The routing exchanged information is carried over by BGP sessions between the parties through direct sessions or through RSs. Each participant can have their own peering policy – private, open or restrictive. Our company is designed for telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), content providers, content delivery networks and firms that operate in South Eastern Europe.  Balkan-IX welcomes everyone who has an Autonomous System (AS), own address space and desire to join and reach the entire company’s infrastructure.


Balkan-IX is a neutral partner in terms of Fiber, Telecom and Internet operators as it is not related to any of them. The infrastructure of Balkan-IX does not offer services that can be competitive for any of the involved participants. Balkan-IX team is a neutral party, which offers professional and independent services and maintenance of infrastructure to exchange traffic while incorporating equal rights and technical requirements for all participants.

How it works

Balkan-IX works within a single city on level 2 and the relationship between participants is carried out directly, as in any other peering. Either through route server with all the other points of traffic exchange in which the Balkan-IX is a participant.


Using one or more 1GE, 10GE port to its infrastructure, Balkan-IX provides cheaper solution for IP traffic exchange, more efficient loading of network resources and easy scalability as compared to an existing multiple gigabit connections between Internet providers. Balkan-IX can be used as an addition to existing cross-links between providers to increase the traffic capacity. Using RSs for managing the routes provides a more flexible, quicker and easier routing configuration.

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