The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 850 member ASNs from over 80 countries around the globe. LINX continues to expand their London presence with 16 locations across the capital along with regio in Wales, Manchester and Scotland. LINX also operates an Internet exchange in the Ashburn metro area in the US just outside Washington DC.

Established in the early 1990s as a not-for-profit organisation, AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now interconnecting over 800 networks by offering professional IP exchange services, also called peering services. Peering enables these connected networks to offer stable, fast and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users and business customers. Peering is what makes the Internet robust and resilient, a network of networks all linked together.


France-IX convergence hub aims to ease the exchanges of data, communications and transactions on the Internet and to develop French and international operators and services providers transit through Paris and Marseille. Partnerships were and are still being implemented to make sure that the ISPs and content providers present on France-IX can not only peer with other partners on our IX, but also peer with companies connected on other IXPs.

NetnodDE-CIX provides premium network interconnection services and operates several carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX’s Internet Exchange in Frankfurt is the world’s leading interconnection platform, managing more than 5.6 Terabits per second peak traffic. With DE-CIX Apollon, they maintain the world’s largest and most advanced Ethernet-based platform, delivering high-availability peering with full 100G Ethernet capabilities.

Netnod IX operates six Internet exchange points (IXPs) in five different cities where Internet operators can connect and exchange traffic. Netnod IX has among the highest amount of traffic per peer in Europe and is fully IPv6 enabled. At the Netnod IXPs, Netnod provides a variety of value adding services such as the RIPE Internet Routing Registry (IRR), slave services for several DNS TLDs and the DNS root server



SOXSerbian Open eXchange (SOX) position is strictly carrier neutral and open for providing services on telco market in Serbia. SOX is one and only commercial Internet Exchange in Belgrade, Serbia.


InterLANInterLAN is a normal reaction of the Romanian Internet market. Joining an Internet Exchange has as main goals the acquisition of more peers and on the other hand provides direct access to other partners’ services. InterLAN-IX provides the possibility to have a high traffic volume which cannot be obtained through any other single connection.


RonixRoNIX is a national infrastructure for the interchange of traffic access networks of the main Internet service providers in Romania. Being in continuous development it becomes today a redundant 10Gbps infrastructure of 5 points of presence getting together up to 40 telecom companies from Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.


SeaboneSeabone (Telecom Italia) is Sparkle’s IP Transit service: a worldwide Internet backbone providing ISPs, Content Providers and Accelerators with top-performing access to the Global Internet. Seabone (Telecom Italia) ranks among the best in class for worldwide IP backbones, providing state-of-the-art performance and reliability.


RETNRETN (REal Time Network) is a leading international telecommunications provider, which provides a range of global telecommunications services to its own fiber-optic network, including internet transit with any bandwidth to IXP points, rental of communication channels at different speeds, the construction of virtual networks, placement and maintenance of equipment and others.


TelepointTelepoint is the fully redundant Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center located in the heart of Sofia on a cross-road of many Bulgarian and International telecom networks. The datacenter provides 24×7 on-site customer support and system monitoring. The customers have 24×7 access to their collocated equipment. Telepoint is ISO:9001 Quality Management System and ISO:27001 Information Security System certified.