Carrier Services

Balkan-IX provides a full range of data transmission services for Telecoms and Corporate customers. The company operates in Balkan Peninsula and is head-quartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Access and IP transit to global internet space through Level3, TeliaSonera, Inteliquent, NTT, De-CiX and AMS-IX.
 Bulgarian Peering
Access to Bulgarian internet space through 40 Peering partners by providing direct connectivity to all major Bulgarian domains.
VPN over the Internet/ BG-Peering.
Static and dynamic BGPv4.
IP addresses space upon request (at RIPE NCC requirements).
Transmission between two or more MAN ports, located in one and the same metropolitan area via our local partners.
Transmission between two MAN ports, located in different metropolitan areas via BTT network or our local partners.
 Point To Point DWDM ƛ
Capable of transmission of any type of upper layer protocols, Nx1 ƛ (1/10/100Gbps) with lambdas predictable QoS.
 International IP Connectivity
IP capacity directly from our Points of Presence to AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and De-CiX (Frankfurt).

– All Services are available from E1 to STM64 between all our Points of Presence and local loops.
– Service delivery to Balkan-IX Points of Presence or customer address .
– 100 % Guaranteed symmetric bandwidth.
– Network Operations Center 24x7x365.
– Service availability 99.999%.

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