Internet Attacks Mitigation Service

Highlights from Radware Global Application & Network Security Report 2014-2015

“…What Changed in Security in 2014?
2014 was a watershed year for the security industry. Cyber-attacks reached a tipping point in terms of quantity, length, complexity and targets….”

“…Attacks are Longer and More Continuous
In our 2014 Security Industry Survey, the most commonly reported duration was one month (cited by about 15% of respondents). However, 19% of the major attacks reported were considered “constant” by the targeted organization….”

“…DDoS Attacks Become More Sophisticated
Attackers are now combining multiple techniques in a single attack—enabling them to bypass defense lines, exploit server-side vulnerabilities, and strain server-side resources….”

“…No One Is Immune to Threats…”


With Balkan Internet Exchange’s attacks mitigation service in place, organizations no longer need to be concerned with the possibility of network disruptions and can maintain excellent user response time even when under attack.

Balkan Internet Exchange can offer you:
Dedicated hardware that has the most accurate attack detection and prevention without blocking legitimate users’ traffic.
Maintain business continuity of operation even under network attacks.
Centralized attack management, monitoring and reporting.

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